Jul 16, 2012

Herbert West-Reanimator V. The Horror from the Shadows

"Dangers he met unflinchingly; crimes he committed unmoved. I think the climax came when he had proved his point that rational life can be restored, and had sought new worlds to conquer by experimenting on the reanimation of detached parts of bodies."

In which our heroes enter The Great War and Dr. West's experiments become messier.

"Herbert West-Reanimator" was written between October 1921 and June 1922. It was serialized and published in six parts in the amateur publication Home Brew between February and July of 1922. Whatever debt Lovecraft owed to Mary Shelly and Frankenstein becomes most apparent in the fifth installment. West has moved on from restoring old life to creating new life. A theme explored in Brian Yuzna's 1990 film, Bride of Reanimator. Though whereas Shelly's Frankenstein at least intended to create something beautiful, the Dr. West of Lovecraft's story intentionally creates hideous abominations.

Things really start to go insane about this point.

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